(As of 7/6/2019)
Hello and Welcome!! Thanks for participating in my big Commission SALLE-abration! I'm currently closed as I work through my commission queue, but if you're interested in being notified when I reopen via email, just fill out my commission form at the bottom of the page and mention "I would like to be informed when you reopen!"

If you have an outstanding commission, you can check its status on my trello, which is located here!

Click on the text below the image to see samples and prices!

Pride Icons

$20 Each

Show your pride in style with a headshot of you or your character with your choice of flag behind! :D


Humanoid: $35 Each

A cutified, fullbody, full color drawing of you, your character, or whatever you'd like!

Animals: $20 Each

I can do animals, too! Fantasy or real life! :D (Animals are discounted slightly as they are easier for me to draw!)

ACNL-Style Cards

$30 Each

Your character interpreted as an animal crossing character! Comes with a little customized card with their zodiac sign, symbol, and whichever region/town they're from.


$25 Each

Like the pride icons, but instead with a theme of your choice!

Colored Sketches

Headshot: $25-$35
Halfbody: $35-$45
Fullbody: $40-$50
Additional Character(s): +$15
(Prices based on complexity)

Interested in a larger piece but looking for a cheaper option, or looking for a headshot, but slightly more detailed? Colored Sketches come in three types: Headshot, Halfbodies and Fullbodies, and are a little rougher than their 'official' counterparts.


Prices vary from $10 USD to $25 USD. Contact me for a quote. Limited Slots Avaliable.

Looking for something on the cheaper side? Have an idea but don't have the budget to get something fully rendered yet? Sketches are the option for you!

A sketch gets you a rough black and white piece with minimal shading.

Commission Form

Use the form below to inquire about a commission! If you aren't avaliable to be contacted via email, please include the best way to contact you. (Twitter, Facebook, Discord, etc.) If this form isn't working for you, feel free to just send me an email at

(By ordering a commission, you automatically agree to my Commissions Terms of Service)